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Bible Content Exam in 30 Minutes

In Thought on June 10, 2006 at 1:32 pm

Learner is preparing to take (for a second time) the seminary’s official Bible Content Exam, a comprehensive test aimed at evaluating a student’s knowledge of the Bible. All incoming students are required to take the exam, and each has two chances to pass it instead of having to take the class for an entire semester.

As Learner missed passing the thing by nine lousy points last year, he gets to take it again and will do so in about half an hour, along with all the new incoming students this summer. Apart from all his study of the past year, he’s not really put much else into it, so he may end up getting what he deserves. Hopefully, he says, a year’s worth of seminary education will make nine points worth of difference.

If not, he says he’s going to feel really stupid.


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