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On Student Counciling

In Thought on April 28, 2006 at 11:25 am

Big day today as Learner turned in his Greek translations for Gospels class and is about to turn in his 10-page paper on New Testament Use of the Old Testament for Covenant Theology. This weekend will find him hunkered down to crank out a sermon on Philippians 2:12-18 for Monday, editing his God & Humanity team essay for Thursday, and possibly beginning his 10-page paper for Apologetics & Outreach (due in ten days or so). From there, it’s three finals and the spring semester is complete.

In other news, Learner was nominated and elected by his class to be the male student council representative (or the “Middler Rep” as he’s now being called). This morning was his first official meeting, bringing past and future councils together for a baton handing off and the outcome was, well, slightly underwhelming. Part of it might have been that Learner had higher expectations (when was the last time that happened?); part of it might have been that he overslept and woke up a whole 10 minutes before the meeting was to start.

Most probably, the reason for his blahness was simply that he hates being looked at as a rookie in any context. He confessed to having flashbacks of last summer, to meeting a bunch of people he didn’t know (or who knew him), and to feeling like just another body in the room (“cow in the chute” was his exact remark), and he’s surprised he still gets bothered by this feeling it, that is both having it as well as realizing he’s having it.

While he’s excited to have actually been voted in, and is eager to try to make a difference (the difference perhaps being to somehow justify to the campus body that student council actually does something for seminary students – he’s heard others wondering that a lot), he says he is somewhat concerned that this is going to end just being a big time suck with little return on his investment.

One week of classes left…and then finals…and then a break…and then (gulp) Hebrew…


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