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Saturday Update

In Thought on April 15, 2006 at 3:17 pm

Learner said the movie last night was good. He didn’t cry like he thought he would, but he did say he was moved despite his lack of tears. And, he’s looking forward to Easter morning service tomorrow.

For those of you who were following Learner’s pseudo-saga from this past week, here’s an update:

Hebrew – he got in the class with the “great” professor and is quite relieved

Rest of schedule – all worked out remarkably well for Learner to be able to teach the classes at the local school (now all he needs is to be offered the actual job)

Other school – they called; thanks, but no thanks (something to do with not having a degree in the particular class Learner applied for…details, details)

Gospels exam – the bad news: Learner got a 72; the good news: because of the curve, that ended up being a B

Bonus update: God & Humanity paper – 94, a pleasant surprise

Mrs. Learner – they seem to be back on track, but it was a long road to hoe; finances still an issue (like that’s a newsflash)

More as I have it. In the meantime, Easter tomorrow!


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