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Spring Break

In Thought on March 24, 2006 at 11:46 am

Learner has one class left before spring break officially begins and he’s fairly excited about the fact that, come 2 p.m. today, he gets to take a nine-day hiatus before he has to be in class again. Of course, spring break will not be like those trips in college (which he never made anyway) in which students completely lose their minds in some warmer climate, never cracking open a book; rather, Learner estimates that he needs to put in three solid hours/day of reading just to catch up. Somewhere in mid-February, he got behind and now seems a most opportune time to get back in the race.

And yet, he’s not planning on being a bookworm all break – he and the family are going to the farm for the first half of the break, and Learner anticipates some long walks with his kids, a few movies with Mrs. Learner, and no traffic for miles around. Mrs. Learner has also communicated her anticipation of farm living for the next several days, as she is growing more and more enamored by most things rural (even though she can’t properly pronounce that word).

Upon return to campus during the middle of next week, Learner has several personal appointments with a professor or two, some friends or three, and a movie night with one of his pastors to watch The Exorcist, which is the pastor’s favorite flick. All this on top of that aforementioned three hours of study per day, and that will probably wrap up spring break, at least for this year.

Good news: Learner got a B+ on his open theism paper, a fine mark from this particular professor (who is a good writer himself, and very critical of bad writing). Also, Learner’s favorite prof asked him if he would serve as his teaching assistant this summer/next year, so Learner was rather thrilled about this invitation and opportunity.

All in all (and realizing there are still miles to go before the semester’s over), Learner feels pretty good about heading into the break. He continues to enjoy the seminary experience and – surprise, surprise – is even beginning to wonder if the pastorate might be how God is leading him more and more. Thankfully, several years will pass before any of that needs to be confirmed, but Learner does wonder if that might be the best use of him as a whole person.

Then again, he says, there’s always blogging…


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