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Learner’s Creed

In Thought on March 2, 2006 at 10:17 am

For his Apologetics and Outreach class, Learner had to hand in today a paragraph/half page of what it is he believes. This would have been easy enough, but the caveat was he could not use traditional “Christianese” to communicate his beliefs. It’s hardly brilliant, but this is what he sent me when I asked him if I could read his creed:

I believe there is a God in the universe who existed before the universe did.

I believe this God is creative, and the world we experience and the people we are serve as evidence of his creativity.

As good as it all started out, I believe we screwed up what God wanted by wanting what only we wanted – not just in the beginning, but also now.

Nevertheless, I believe God is loving and planned for our mistake, not to mock our imperfection but to illustrate his love for us.

And I believe God showed us love, even when it hurt.

I believe we don’t deserve God’s love, but I’m grateful for it.

I believe I need God’s love. I also believe that I need God.

I believe God is still around, and I believe God isn’t me.

And I believe this means something. God says the same thing.

Guess it makes sense.


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