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In Thought on January 13, 2006 at 2:10 pm

It’s been a good, long break. Learner and I are slowly but surely getting back into the academic routine, and I thought I might start with a report on Learner’s grades. Despite his doubts and two wretched group projects (which cost him in both Prep and Del and Covenant Theology), he did well (and even slightly better than he thought overall). Here’s how things turned out:

Greek in Exegesis – Predicted: B-/C; Actual: B-
(Learner’s papers saved him; not too bad for flunking the mid-term)

Preparation and Delivery of Sermons – Predicted: A; Actual: A-
(group project dragged him down)

Theology of Prayer – Predicted: A; Actual: A+
(one project was the whole grade; fortunately, he did well on it)

Covenant Theology – Predicted: A-/B+; Actual: B+
(group final exam score of 85 hurt; this one made him mad/sad)

Spiritual and Ministry Formation – Predicted: B-/C; Actual: A-
(strong performances on final paper/exam salvaged this grade)

With classes starting in another two weeks, Learner is gearing up for the following courses:

– Elementary Homiletics
– Apologetics and Outreach
– Covenant Theology II
– God and Humanity
– Gospels

More as we get closer to starting back up…


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