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In Thought on December 8, 2005 at 11:36 am

Snowing hard today. Learner, having just taken his last Greek class (hopefully ever) this morning, turned in his exegetical notebook and Greek reading report, and is now spending the morning in the library basement reading technical commentaries on Matthew 5:17-20 in preparation for writing his exegetical paper this weekend.

Not one to miss out on a moment of melancholy as caused by this morning’s quiet snowfall, Learner just emailed me a haiku poem inspired by the sight:

Sinner Wonderland
Snow falling down, white
Like grace over human shame
Sinner wonderland

One of his favorites so far, he says. Of course, this also counts for his poem prayer book project, so that makes him feel even better (he’s all about creative multi-tasking).

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