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Surf’s Up

In Thought on December 6, 2005 at 6:08 pm

After a stellar week last week of paper writing, reading, and taking his last Greek quiz ever, Learner is into week two of what looks to be a three-week attempt at desperately trying to stay on top and in front of the wave of momentum.

And it’s been a good start: he’s two-thirds of the way done with his exegetical notebook on the first four chapters of Ephesians (due Thursday), has pulled a majority of sources for his exegetical paper on Matthew 5:17-20 (due Tuesday), and has a killer page-and-a-half intro started on his Spiritual and Ministry Formation paper (due Tuesday). The prayer poem book is semi-laid out (though he wants to add a few more masterpieces), and he is even starting to initially think about some of the questions on various study guides for upcoming final exams (next week).

What’s not so good is he is fighting off the sniffles and the beginnings of a cold as the weather has quickly snapped cold. And, after the momentary high from last week of ace-ing his Preparation and Delivery of Sermons exam and turning in his Covenant Theology paper, it’s slow-going getting the momentum going again for another important week of work.

Momentum has always been a good thing for Learner. While he’s not particularly one to put things off, he does occasionally need some instant of energy in which he gets things started before he can really feel like he’s going. He says his philosophy has never been to fear the oncoming wave of building momentum (usually triggered by the calendar’s deadlines); at the same time, he’s not one of these guys who does the work so far ahead that it’s more work paddling out (metaphorically speaking) than it’s really worth.

Instead, Learner says his goal is to paddle out far and soon enough to catch a good wave and then, when the wave starts to build and then break, get up, focus, and stay on top and in front of the thing, riding it out for all it’s worth rather than being crushed or missing it all together by the time it hits the shore. It’s perhaps a little hard to illustrate in words, but Learner feels like the wave of momentum has crested, and these next ten days will be a wild ride to the beach.

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