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Prayer Poems, Part 2

In Thought on December 2, 2005 at 4:55 pm

More entries from Learner’s prayer poem project:

Wine Menu
Have mercy on me, O God
Lest your anger be all you have to offer
If so, I’d like to see your wine menu
That I might choose the harshest grapes of wrath

Safe to Say
It’s safe to say that I am a sinner
to say otherwise would be the risk involved
But I’m finally convincing myself
or maybe You are

I was wondering, though, God
As You are judge, witness, and defense
Does my case have to involve so many others?
Seems a little crowded here in the courtroom

Last I Checked
Last I checked, I was alright
But that was only a minute ago

I should probably check again
But that would be only a minute later

And besides, I was alright
Last I checked


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