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Prayer Poems

In Thought on November 27, 2005 at 11:49 am

Learner and the family spent a few days on the farm for Thanksgiving and had a relaxing, thankful time. They came back yesterday (Saturday) to get a running start on what could be one of their roughest academic weeks at seminary so far.

Aided (to some degree) by the fact that they have a few sick kids as of last night, they stayed home from church this morning and, perhaps somewhat guiltily, are enjoying the day at home.

One of the projects Learner is working on is his prayer poem book. Here are a few “masterpieces” (said smirkily with much sarcasm):

Depending on My Theology
Depending on my theology
God is sovereign or He’s biased
God is good or He’s absent
God allows or He’s dead

Depending on my theology
God observes or He’s deaf
God knows or He’s behind
God causes or He’s retired

Depending on my theology
God was or He wasn’t
God is or He isn’t
God is to come or He’s already left the building

Depending on my theology
my theology may not be the best thing to depend on

Prayer Haiku
It’s learning to breathe
Then learning to forget how
This is prayer to me

So he’s no Whitman, but he’s trying…and having fun in the process.

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