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Fancy, Dancy

In Seminary Tychicus on August 26, 2005 at 3:12 pm

Learner is between semesters (summer and fall), and gearing up for classes to start next week. Activities this coming weekend include a semi-formal program/dessert with the seminary president tonight, time spent with a few new neighbors, a last binge of fiction reading, and church on Sunday.

Next week holds registration for fall classes, a lot of work for Learner’s part-time job (more on that soon), message preparation for the Sunday School class Learner is teaching this fall, a Greek vocab review, and still more fiction reading. Thursday, it all begins.

Learner says he’s not sure about this evening’s “fancy, dancy reception,” as he calls it. He just doesn’t do that well with crowds of colleagues in ties pretending to be polished and proper when all summer long they’ve been sweating out Greek in T-shirts and shorts.

While I’ve not been invited, Learner promises a full report afterward; thus, I will as well. Hope the dessert’s good at least.

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