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Mr. and Mrs. Oreo

In Seminary Tychicus on August 21, 2005 at 2:12 pm

In the midst of hustling and bustling to get four small children ready for Sunday School and church this Sabbath morning, Learner and Mrs. Learner each made independent clothing choices that, after getting everyone strapped in the minivan, they discovered were identical: Learner had on a white shirt, tie, and black pants; Mrs. Learner had on a sleeveless white sweater and a black skirt. As there was no time to change (they were already ten minutes late), they left for church.

“Mr. and Mrs. Oreo.” “Ward and June.” “The new Mormon couple.” These were just a few of their self-conscious labels (“somewhat embarrassed” was another). Graciously, no one at church said anything or seemed to notice, and I played dumb and kept quiet.

But it was pretty funny.

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