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Narcissistic Navel-Gazing?

In Seminary Tychicus on August 4, 2005 at 2:40 pm

It’s frightening (to Learner) and exciting (to me), but it appears that we might have some actual readers, as evidenced by a few recent emails I’ve received from Carl, Wayne, and Rebecca.

Like the world needs more narcissistic navel-gazing blogs, Learner says. I remind him that I’m the one writing about him and his seminary endeavors, so technically, it can’t be considered narcissism. It’s more like reporting, with somewhat of a personal bias and unbelievably unlimited access.

He says I’m splitting literary hairs and can’t believe that anyone would waste their time reading my observations of his life. I remind him that if he doesn’t want me writing about his life, then he shouldn’t talk to me about it as much as he does.

The conversations we have, after all, are literally non-stop.

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