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Mrs. Learner Goes to School

In Seminary Tychicus on July 25, 2005 at 11:18 am

Today marks the first day of Mrs. Learner’s academic exploits, as she starts an intensive month-long, two-and-a-half-hour a day, five-day a week class on ancient and medieval church history. As she did for him seven weeks ago, Learner took her picture this morning before she headed off, a new student for the first time in roughly ten years.

It was a moment…sort of.

Some might think the two of them insane to try this – that is, earning two full degrees (Learner’s four-year Masters of Divinity; Mrs. Learner’s two-year Master of Arts and Theological Studies spread over four years to give her a fighting chance) while raising a family of four children six and under stuffed into a three-bedroom apartment.

Perhaps they are (insane, that is), but the fact that the seminary offers a full-ride spouse scholarship is something Learner and his wife have determined they at least need to try to take advantage of; if it doesn’t work for their family (and especially for their children’s own education, the homeschooling of which rests largely on Mrs. Learner), they’ll let it go and readjust.

Still, Learner thinks, how well-used this time would be if he and his wife came away earning two degrees for the price of one? Even if it did not make much long-term difference in terms of ministry path or opportunity (though how could it not?), at least they’ll have been good stewards of their minds during this unique time at seminary.

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