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Greek Comedy

In Seminary Tychicus on July 21, 2005 at 10:09 pm

Last week, I audited Learner’s 3-hour Greek class, and did so again this evening. As you might imagine, my Greek is fairly up-to-date (having lived in a culture that speaks the langugage always helps), so my reason for going was different from Learner’s. He goes because his course of study requires it; I go for the entertainment.

Lest you think I’m speaking in some strange middle voice (which, of course, Greek has), let me clarify: the entertainment has little to do with the language, but rather with those who are trying to learn it. The suspects are hardly usual (names changed to protect the guilty):

  • Cig – a skinny guy who spends his mid-class break outside lighting up for a smoke (it will be interesting to see which church signs him up to be their youth pastor)
  • Buzz – a guy who, without exception, has worn a different rock concert T-shirt to each and every different class meeting (and who has a DVD collection that rivals Blockbuster)
  • Lars – a big guy who mysteriously shows up early for class, leaves his stuff at his seat, exits, and then consistently re-enters 10-15 minutes after the class has started (all this while getting the highest grade in the class)
  • Brock and Little R – two aforementioned acquaintances, both of whom are super-smart and doing super-well in the class (though they consistently deny this fact to Learner, probably to keep him from feeling badly)
  • Albert – Learner’s study buddy and all around great guy who happens to be breezing through Greek, due largely to his insane 4:30 a.m. study habits (as well the fact that he learns best by teaching others, and Learner needs a lot of teaching)

And then there’s Learner. The poor guy is struggling, but it’s not just with grades; it’s with his motivation. After tonight’s quiz, he’s probably pulling a C in the class, but all that could drastically change for the worse with the upcoming exam on Monday over the entire 30 chapters of the Greek grammar they’ve been using. His goal is to pass it, nothing more, as his aspirations aren’t that high right now.

I suppose what’s most interesting to me about Learner and his mates is that, with their baseball caps and scruffy shaves, it’s hard to imagine ANY of these young men as pastors of a church. Granted, that’s what seminary is for, but it seems they – Learner especially – have a ways to go before becoming shepherds of any flock.

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