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Greetings and Salutations

In Seminary Tychicus on June 17, 2005 at 5:04 pm

It’s a strange thing, technology. Had I had more of it a couple millennia ago, life would have been grand (or at least easier) in accomplishing that which was asked of me (but that’s another blog). And yet, those tasks got done; after all, I made it into the Bible in a rather positive light, and Paul’s words survived well enough.

And yet, an even stranger thing is those who have technology (particularly of the communications kind) but are frightened to use it. Such the type would be my friend, whom I’ll call “Learner,” a seminary student as of merely two weeks (though he wonders if he’s the better for it). He thought about telling all this himself, but instead asked me to do it for him (after all, I’ve had a bit more experience of the “message carrying” sort).

Where exactly are we? Ah, that’s really not all that important, at least that’s what Learner tells me (something about “anonymity at all costs”). I’m not sure why the secrecy or what the risk (after all, it’s seminary – how exciting or controversial can it be?), but I’ve assured him he can trust me with his news here. While I’m afraid you’ll never reach Learner, if you’d like to contact me, you’re always welcome and I’ll be glad to pass on a message or two his way.

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